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An Orange County medical malpractice attorney at Accident Lawyers can help by first reviewing your case and working to determine whether you have grounds for a claim in the first place.

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Orange County Medical Malpractice Attorney

Have you been a victim of emergency room errors?

Though emergency room doctors, nurses and staff are well meaning and are usually dedicated to providing assistance in a crisis situation, the nature of an emergency room creates a climate where errors can easily occur.  Large numbers of patients, staff shortages, lack of medical equipment, a high stress environment, multitasking challenges, all contribute to errors and mistakes that may cause illness, injuries, or even death.  Some of the most common kinds of emergency room errors are:

  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Failing to fully treat the patient's condition
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failing to diagnose a condition
  • Defective laboratory tests
  • Contaminated blood transfusions
  • Failing to monitor the patient
  • Prescribing the incorrect medication or dosage of medication
  • Patient dumping
  • Ordering the wrong lab tests
  • Mixed up records
  • Failure to consult a specialist

If you  or a loved one has been harmed because your believe negligence occurred due to the actions of emergency room nurses, doctors or other staff, you need the assistance of an Orange County medical malpractice attorney who can evaluate your case to determine if there is a claim for compensation .

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The attorneys at Accident Lawyers have over 35 years collective experience with medical malpractice cases.  The Journal of the American Medical Association's recent article states that more than 225,000 people die each year as victims of medical malpractice.  Though not all medical malpractice occurs in emergency rooms, enough of it does to make it a problem.  Your experience in the emergency room may have been painful, but we make it painless for you to receive a no charge, confidential consultation to evaluate your case and for you to get to know us to determine if you would like us to represent your claim.  You will pay no legal fees unless we have been successful in recouping damages you may be entitled to.

Contact an Orange County Medical Malpractice Attorney today if you have been the victim of emergency room errors.

Orange County Medical Malpractice Lawyer

For more information and help with your claim, contact a Orange County Medical Malpractice Lawyer at Accident Lawyers today.

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